Just your average jazz-infused, Americana-marinated, alt-pop band from Washington DC

Last chance for the summer...Thursday June 17 in Riverdale 

We did a terrible job coordinating our summer schedules.  We'll all be out of town a lot, and our star-crossed travel schedules made it impossible to schedule summer dates.  So Band Brulee will be on a summer vacation for the next two months.  But if you're in the Riverdale area this Thursday, stop by the farmer's market by the train station.  We'll be out there for one of our top secret unannounced gigs from 4:30 to 6:30.  We love playing out there.  Such a great community, and we thank the great Jim…

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The first Brûlée CD 
"To a Crisp"

The first Brûlée CD "To a Crisp"