Thumbs down! More cancelations... 

Lou had his broken thumb x-rayed this morning, and based on the results, we've decided to cancel all remaining September gigs.  So we'll see you in October.  We'll definitely be back at Wind Ridge on October 8.  See the shows page for details.  When this thumb heals, we'll be itching to get out there and play again.  So if you want us in your backyard, living room, yacht, cabana, or anywhere else, let us know so we can set up and play...

Lou on the disabled list until September 17 at Wind Ridge Winery... 

Just when live music was starting to come back, I had to mess it all up.  I have a long history of broken bones, and now I have a new one to add to the list.  I broke my thumb last night.  I was in denial until about two hours ago when the very kind Dr. Solomon at Montgomery orthopedics showed me the x-ray with a small bone chip.  It’s a relatively minor injury, but to make sure it heals right, I have to stay away from the guitar for at least 10 days.  Dr. Solomon says I should be ready for full activity in about three weeks. 

So we have canceled the early September dates that were previously on the calendar.  Right now, I expect the shows on September 17 and 25 to proceed as planned, although I will likely be comically out of practice. 

I won’t be able to ride a bike during this time either because I can’t hold the handle bars and shift gears.  Also, I can’t really write with a pen.  So I’m going to need to find some new ways to occupy my time. 

My broken bones never seem to arise from situations where one would expect any actual danger.  This is the second bone I’ve broken without leaving the comfort of my own bedroom.  Some of you may know our song called Plan B (with the chorus “I didn’t see that comin’ at me…”).  I think it’s the only song I’ve written about my predilection for unexpected pointless injuries.  When I can play guitar and hold a pen again, I may dive deeper into this topic. 

Anyway, September 17 should be a great night. Wind Ridge Winery is lovely at sunset, and we will be very ready to play again.  I recently bought a new amp (well, not really new, but it's new to me… a 1962 Brown Fender Super), and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.  See you then I hope. 


Live Music Returns! New dates for September... 

It's no secret that the past year and a half has been rough for live music, but there are now some signs of life, and we can't wait to get out and play.  We have four dates scheduled in September.  Check out our shows page for details, and please come out and join us!

Last chance for the summer...Thursday June 17 in Riverdale 

We did a terrible job coordinating our summer schedules.  We'll all be out of town a lot, and our star-crossed travel schedules made it impossible to schedule summer dates.  So Band Brulee will be on a summer vacation for the next two months.  But if you're in the Riverdale area this Thursday, stop by the farmer's market by the train station.  We'll be out there for one of our top secret unannounced gigs from 4:30 to 6:30.  We love playing out there.  Such a great community, and we thank the great Jim Coleman for keeping local music alive.  In addition to Burritos and all the great local produce, be sure to pick up some of Rodney's homemade ice cream and Rudy's cookies.  Tell them Band Brulee sent you. 

The bad news is that most of the local indoor venues we used to play are now closed permanently due to the pandemic (Villain & Saint, Sotto, Harp & Fiddle, Twins Jazz...).  The good news is that live music is starting to return!  We've booked shows at three of our favorite old haunts in early September (Windridge Winery, Romano Winery, and El Golfo in Silver Spring).  We'll post the details here soon.  See you in the fall!

Saturday June 5 at Romano Winery! 2:00 to 5:00 (last chance for this summer!) 

The country seems to be opening again which is great news for live music!  We'll be playing outdoors at Romano Winery this Saturday from 2:00 to 5:00 (yes, three whole sets).  You can find the address and more details on our "shows" page.  Romano is a gorgeous place about 45 minutes outside DC where you can drink wine and listen to our songs in the middle of truly expansive vineyards.  It really feels like a vacation to Napa.

All the DC venues we used to play are now closed permanently, but the wineries (with outdoor settings) seemed to have survived, and some are having live music again, so come out and support the good people at Romano.  They have a lot of tables and chairs, but you might also consider bringing your own lawn chairs and picnic blankets to set up on the grass.  There's usually a pretty good food truck too, but I'm not sure what they have planned this time.

Andrew will be there, so there will be at least three of us.  There seems to be a good chance that Mike can join on drums for most of the afternoon, although he'll probably be a little late.

Now here's the sad news: We did a terrible job coordinating our summer schedules, and we'll all be out of town a lot, so this will be the only public Brulee performance of the summer.  Personally, I'm pretty devastated to skip our summer tradition of the Riversdale Jazz on the Lawn Series.  We'll have more gigs in September, but if you want to see us before then, this is your only chance!  See you Saturday I hope. 

Sunday May 2 at 3:00: Back on the front Porch! 

It looks like we'll be having another good Sunday afternoon. Sunny and warm!  So we want to get out and play!  We’ll be back in our usual spot on the 5700 block of 33rd St.     

We'll start at 3:00 and probably play for about 90 minutes.  

This time it will just be Lou and Aura, plus any neighborhood special guest brave enough to make some noise with us.  We'll be trying to get the full band out some other time soon.

See you Sunday I hope. 

Sunday December 13 at 12:00: Back on the Front Porch! 

It looks like we’re in for an unseasonably warm weekend, so Aura and I want to get out and play!  We’ll be back playing on the 5700 block of 33rd St.  I think the address is 5709 33rd St. NW.   

We’ll be starting at 12:00 PM.  It should be around 60 degrees, so I’m hoping my hands can go for at least 60 minutes.  If all feels good, we’ll go longer.    

Andrew will be joining us on bass, and there’s always the chance that a neighborhood special guest or two might show up.  

We’ll be playing a lot of the songs on our “seasonal” list, so you can expect some Christmassy stuff.  And Aura has promised to let me play Week 52, which is a big annual moment for me.  (If you want to get into the Week 52 spirit, you can find a living room recording buried deep on this website…) 

Bring your masks obviously.  See you Sunday I hope. 

Saturday Oct 24 at 4:00: Full Quartet on the front porch!  

Hi friends, Big news here in Bruland: We’ve managed to gather our full band for Saturday.  Andrew will be here on bass, and the elusive Mike Metzger will be joining on drums.  I’ve loved our weekly little duo performances, but it’s a rare treat these days to get the whole band together. 

This will be Saturday, not Sunday (we selected Saturday this time for the weather).  We’ll start at 4:00, and we’ll be playing in our usual location on the 5700 block of 33rd St. 

Aura’s leaving town for much of November, and after that, winter might keep us from outdoor music.  So this might be our last chance for this kind of thing for quite a while.  Come join us if you can. 

Out on the front porch: Sunday Oct 18 at 4:00 

After a few weeks off, Aura and Lou will be back for another front porch show on the 5700 block of 33rd St. at 4:00.  It looks like we'll have perfect fall weather, so bring your masks and beach chairs and come out to join us.  

If you have any requests, send them via this website, and we'll try to be ready. 

Back on the Front Porch: 3:30 on Sunday, Sept 20! 

After some time off for late summer wandering, we're trying to get back to our Sunday on the Porch performance schedule.  Last Sunday, we were so thankful for the way the neighborhood welcomed us back, so we'll try to do it most weeks if we can.  This Sunday, we'll be starting at 3:30 (a little earlier than usual) because Lou has places to be afterword.  

As always, you can count on Aura and Lou to be there.  Andrew seems to join us most of the time, and Mike might pop up again soon (like he did for the August 5 livestream).  We're also encouraging any neighborhood musicians to join us.  We'll always play some polished songs, but for this setting, the informal and unexpected seems to work well.  So we'll try to keep surprising you a little every week, and requests are always welcome.  See you Sunday.